About Us

The company was thought of years ago when the owner was forced to park his car on a treelined street in sunny Los Angeles. His beautiful, glossy black car quickly was destroyed from a barrage of bird turds covering his car daily. He fought the good fight but he eventually wore down. The pigeon wrecking crew was relentless.

Thinking his car was safe because he had it waxed regularly, he didn't worry about cleaning it off right away. Oh, how he was wrong. After one week, the clear coat was completely ruined with tons of milky looking stains covering every curve. Thinking he would clay bar and polish it all out, he waited till the next weekend to deal with it. By that following weekend, the large collection of droppings ate through his paint, leaving permanent, deep white cracks down to the primer. He tried everything to remove them but he was too late. His friends clowned him constantly about his car, calling it the "Sh#t box" and asked where they could get his limited edition paint job called the "Speckled Hen." 

So, he searched for the best solution to solve this issue moving forward but none of the formulas on the market seemed to work as well as he wanted them too. He also thought that no one should have to constantly wash their cars or carry around a large spray bottle that can leak and take up space plus have a dirty hand towel in their car everyday. 

So, he decided to come up with his own solution and after tons of research and testing, Drop Wipes was invented.